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CRC Hardware Repair

UPDATE:  Out-of-Warranty and non-warranty covered repair hourly rate change beginning July 1, 2023.  The hourly rate for CRC services will increase from $48 to $60 per hour.

CRC is operating normally.  Please visit the ITS Service Desk in the Undergraduate Library for all your hardware and software troubleshooting needs.

Repairs can also be processed through the ITS Service Desk contactless locker solution in the Student Union.

The Smart Locker contactless solution is located in the Student Union.  This location maybe more convenient, and may still be able to provide loaner laptops for CCI customers, while work is being done on your laptop.  Information on accessing the smart locker solution is located on the respective webpage within this site.

Contact 962-HELP(4357) or browse to for any and all questions.

Have a great day, and keep staying safe.